Every Day is an Opportunity


Daily Clean Energy Forecast

Energy costs are high in California, but every day presents an opportunity to use cleaner energy and save money.

Most people don’t know that clean energy costs less; in fact it sounds too good to be true. But it’s true, when it’s sunny and windy and demand for energy is low, it drives down wholesale energy costs because of supply and demand. Similarly, it costs a lot of money to crank up natural-gas power plants each day for a few hours. Even though batteries are making their way into the energy mix, the costs are significantly higher during those peak hours when the Clean Energy Factor (CEF) is low. We’d prefer to offer people clean energy at a discount than to charge people more when they come home to cook dinner; see the difference?

As we electrify everything, it really helps to use cleaner energy so that we don’t raise systemwide costs unnecessarily. There are an increasing number of programs that help consumers save money using cleaner energy, but they don’t work if you don’t know when energy costs less. How does your product or service help people use cleaner energy to save money? Watch our forecast change each day and you’ll see how to engage more people with cleaner energy.

Our forecast updates daily around 5pm. You can see how changes in the weather lead to changes in the clean energy forecast. It’s relevant to energy consumers in many ways, because the energy market now more than ever is controlled by changes in the weather. You can share this chart to add value to your product or service, and your customers will love you for it. You’ll find that Americans love a new financial product; let Sabreez help you make one.

Got range anxiety? Now is a great time to fill up. Want that clothesline-fresh feeling? Now is a great time to run the clothes dryer on cleaner energy. And, those dishes are extra sparkly with hot-water heated by the sun and washed when the Clean Energy Factor is cranking.

Easy to Understand

The California Independent System Operator provides forecast data a week in advance, but that data is hard to understand unless you’re in the energy business. Sabreez reports that data in an easy to understand format using the Clean Energy Factor (CEF). The Clean Energy Factor is the sum of the Wind Number and the Solar Boost, which are Sabreez’s proprietary method of reducing energy costs that we share here everyday.

Wind power is typically strongest at night, but it can be windy anytime. The Wind Number is expressed as California’s wind power resources over electric-power generated from fossil fuels, multiplied by 100. Mathematically this is expressed as (Wind/Fossil Fuels)*100, such that a Wind Number of 100 means wind power equals electric power coming from fossil fuels. The Solar Boost is calculated in a similar manner. Together they illustrate when California’s waves of clean energy are rising to save you money. Some days are better than others, as you can see below.

Start building relationships with cleaner energy today by grabbing a screenshot of the chart below and sharing it with your friends, family, and customers. Even better, ask us for your neighborhood clean energy forecast so you can really build a community. You’ll see the results and can build a sustainable understanding of California’s new energy system that saves people real money.