California is leading the United States away from fossil fuels and into a natural system of energy production from Wind and Solar. When combined with energy efficient technologies like LED lighting, smart appliances, wifi-enabled thermostats, home solar, and electric vehicles, people are helping to create a more sustainable energy system that costs significantly less in the long run.

In the short run however, energy costs have risen quite a lot in California. The good news is you don’t have to pay more if you adapt to this new system. Here are a few easy ways to start saving today;

1. Replace your lighting with LED light bulbs.  A six pack of LEDs can save 300 watts every hour they’re used, then last for 20,000 hours.  That’s about 6 cents per hour in California, or $100 per year, and more than $1,000 over their lifetime.

2. Go on a time of use rate today rather than waiting until 2019.  On a time of use rate, you’ll pay less all Winter and only pay more during peak Summer hours.  The Wind Number shows you when rates are low.

3. Install a smart thermostat that improves control of your heating and cooling system.

4. Use the delay button on your appliances to run them when Wind Numbers are high and rates are lower.

5. Take a look at your electric bill online.  PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E provide all kinds of free money-saving tips that in many cases are personalized to your household’s energy use.

6. Consider rooftop solar if you are a home owner.  If you are not, there are other ways to replace your energy consumption with clean energy.

Each of these money-saving tips can lower your bill by 5-10% or even more. Sabreez is a residential energy service company that provides free LEDs when you register to get real time clean energy information. Our service is free to California energy consumers.  Just because California is making a huge investment to solve global warming, it doesn’t mean that you have to pay more.