Energy Data in a Consumer-Friendly Format

Current Wind Number
Current Solar Boost
Clean Energy Factor

Everyday represents an opportunity to use cleaner energy, and the Wind Number and Solar Boost connect the energy source data to your customers in a clean, reliable, easy to use format. Use our real time API to show the Clean Energy Factor and Daily Clean Energy Forecast; then extend the offer of automation. As consumers respond to the message, measurable results are recorded in smart meter data that can be presented in a normative report to enhance the experience of using cleaner energy.




Daily Clean Energy Forecast


Normative Reporting

Consumers Enjoy Using Cleaner Energy

A great way to start is by contacting our integration team here. Integrating our API into your consumer-facing platform is our specialty, and you’ll find clean energy information to be an awesome value. As energy consumers see the stimulus of when energy is cleaner in real time, they realize the best hours of the day to run the appliances, charge the electric vehicle or other battery storage device, and learn other methods of harvesting cleaner energy.

Knowledge is power, and having the knowledge of when energy is abundant and clean is a good reason to relinquish control. Add the Clean Energy Factor to your service to reduce the cost of customer satisfaction.