Energy Enjoyment That You Can Measure


Normative Reporting

Sabreez reports balancing-authority-level data to send a positive message to consumers that energy is cleaner; allowing program managers and smart home device companies to extend the offer of cleaner energy to their customers.

Sabreez originally created the Wind Number as an energy game. Once it became clear that we could combine the resource production data with a user’s energy consumption, we built our consumer outreach program. Now your company can reduce the costs of consumer engagement by using this patented approach to residential load shifting.

Sabreez created one of the first Green Button Apps and competed in the 2014 US Department of Energy’s “Apps For Energy” contest. In 2019, we’ll introduce our improved green button App that integrates a consumer’s energy consumption with the CEF to produce an environmental resource measure of energy consumption.

Complete The Shift to Clean Energy

Integrate our API into your consumer-facing application to provide that little extra nudge. Even better, integrate our clean energy switch into your App to maximize clean energy consumption. Consumers value clean energy as a service.

There is a strong correlation between solar and wind power production and lower wholesale prices in many markets. Our DCEF is a constant reminder of this relationship in terms that people already follow on a daily basis- The Weather.

Evaluate the effect of your custom messaging system through normative reporting. Combine our clean energy factor with a user’s smart meter data to show them how much clean energy they are enjoying, so that they can share this empowering message.

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