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  • Hourly Energy Costs vary with the Seasons and the day of the Week.
  • Your costs are based on supply and demand. Supply is provided by Mother Nature and balanced by fossil fuel power generation.
  • You can adjust your demand to save money using cleaner energy.
  • From November through April, energy is usually cleanest when it’s sunny. It can be even cleaner when it’s sunny and windy.
  • From May through October, increased air conditioning use changes demand. Energy is usually cleanest at night, but sometimes during the first half of the day.
  • Sabreez shows you when energy is cleaner and costs less.

Your Energy UsePicture2

Methods for “Shifting” your Load

  • Install LED Lighting
  • Appliance Management
  • Water Heater
  • Thermostat (Heating and Cooling)
  • Pool Pumps
  • Electric Vehicle or Whole House Battery
  • Home Solar vs. Utility-Scale Renewables
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

LED LightingPicture3

  • LED Lighting can last more than 20,000 hours, saving 1,000 kWh per bulb.
  • Outdoor lighting can be on for more than 3,000 hours per year, save $50/bulb per year.
  • Most replacement LEDs pay for themselves in a few months, then last for more than a decade.
  • LEDs reduce demand during “peak periods” when natural gas peaker plants are cranking up; morning and evening hours.
  • Sabreez gives you a free box of LEDs when you subscribe to our information system.

Appliance UsagePicture4

  • Use the “delay button” to run appliances when energy is cleanest.
  • You can also manually use energy when it’s cleaner.
  • New Connected Appliances can be automated to run when energy is cleaner.
  • Sabreez tells you when energy is cleaner or when it’s dirty and costs more.
  • Make an informed decision about when to purchase energy.

Water HeatingPicture5

  • Water Heating is often the second largest household energy consumer behind heating and cooling.
  • Natural Gas is cheaper than electric.
  • New Heat Pump water heaters use 2/3 less electricity.
  • Electric water heater can use a controller to heat water when energy is cleaner.


  • During heating season, natural gas plants crank up in the morning and evening to meet electric power demand.
  • This added expense will be passed on to consumers in 2019, but you don’t need to wait to start saving.
  • Try Pre-Heating in the morning before 7 am.
  • Energy is dirtiest for an hour each evening sometime between 7 and 9 pm.
  • Wifi-enabled thermostats can be adjusted each evening to reduce demand when energy is dirty.


  • Summer Air Conditioning Use is the biggest electric power demand in the Summer.
  • Try Pre-cooling before 3 pm each day.
  • Try adjusting your AC’s temperature setting 2 degrees higher around 7-8 pm. Our App pinpoints this time on weekdays.
  • Our Summer Rewards Program can add up to big financial incentives for energy-aware consumers.
  • The Wind Number shows you when energy is cleanest.

Electric VehiclePicture8

  • Electric vehicles can be charged to optimize clean energy consumption using the Wind Number.
  • Conversely, charging your battery during peak hours is like running your car on gasoline.
  • Mobile Apps allow easy control of your charging schedule.
  • Sabreez tells you when energy is cleanest, and will integrate our API with your mobile App.

Energy StoragePicture12

  • As with electric vehicles, electricity can be stored to optimize clean energy consumption using the Wind Number.
  • Beginning at Midnight, batteries can be charged on clean energy.
  • During the morning peak, batteries can discharge to reduce fossil fuel emissions.
  • Recharge Battery when it’s sunny.
  • Use the stored solar power after the sun sets.
  • Repeat.

Home SolarPicture9

  • Rooftop solar is everywhere now; more than 6 gigawatts of electric power when it’s sunny.
  • There are a range of solar options now including purchase, lease, power purchase agreement, loan, and hybrid options.
  • Sabreez optimizes rooftop solar design to increase savings using our patent-pending whole house method.
  • Our energy consulting is sponsor-funded and free to our subscribers.

Wind & SolarPicture10

  • There is so much solar in California, when it’s sunny, prices drop, often turning negative.
  • When it’s windy at night, prices drop while you’re sleeping.
  • When it’s sunny and windy, prices drop even more, especially when there is low demand.
  • It costs a lot to run natural gas peaker plants. If you use our patent-pending method of saving money, you can save 20% on your bill.

Smart Home (IoT)Picture11

  • Wi-Fi Connected devices are increasingly entering the home and our daily lives
  • Internet of Things (IoT) enables the use of clean energy vs. dirty energy
  • Sabreez is the “Weather Channel” for Energy. Nice weather brings an abundance of energy.
  • Our website and apps show you when energy is cleaner and costs less


Smart Grid – California’s electric power system.

Demand – Your Energy Use creates demand on California’s smart grid.

Delay Button – A device to control when your appliance runs, allowing you to adjust demand

Solar – Electricity generated when it’s sunny

Wind – Electricity generated when it’s windy.

LED – Light emitting diode. Uses 7-10 watts instead of 40 to 100 watts. Same quality of light as inefficient older bulbs. Look for “soft white” or “warm white” to emulate incandescent bulbs.


Prepared by Sabreez, llc

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