California’s power system is pure awesomeness.  Here at Sabreez, we’ve been watching California’s renewable energy development for years now, and it just keeps getting better. There are times of the day when solar and wind power are cranking out more than 12 GW (pronounced Gee-Ga Whats) of electric power. That’s huge! So much in fact, that it’s time for utilities to start discounting clean energy to encourage consumers to shift their energy usage to times of the day when energy is clean and abundant.  Sabreez shows people when energy is cleaner and costs less with the Wind Number.

California has a variety of power plants, including hydroelectric, nuclear, geothermal, fossil fuel burning plants, and other renewable energy resources. Very little of California’s power comes from coal; most of it comes from natural gas power plants.  When solar and wind power are being naturally delivered, it decreases fuel costs and consumer prices.  This natural rhythm driven by the sun leads to a spike in prices each afternoon.  Prices are lower the rest of the day, and all night long (when wind is strongest).  The Wind Number is a measure of this natural energy system.  When Wind Numbers are high, prices are low and your power supply is cleaner.  What’s not to like?

So you’re probably wondering, how can I take advantage of this to save money?  It’s easy, and we’ll tell you how in the coming weeks.  Yes, some ways require solar and other energy saving products, but anybody can reduce their bill by more than 10% with just a little knowledge and our new App that shows you clean energy production in real time.  Follow Wind Number on Facebook or subscribe to our free service to learn how to save money using cleaner energy.  It’s too easy.