Our Clean Energy Factor as an API



Sabreez’s Clean Energy Factor (CEF) is the sum of the Wind Number and the Solar Boost. The CEF can be expressed as a single number, but you can increase the granularity of the message by reporting the Wind Number and Solar Boost separately; helping connect the resource to the consumer.

The CEF is expressed as the ratio of solar and wind over fossil fuels, multiplied by an appropriate constant. When solar and wind are cranking and fossil fuel power plants are switching off, it sends a strong signal that energy is cleaner. Whether the signal is a message or a switch, our API can be programmed into your App to maximize clean energy enjoyment.

Sabreez currently offers the CEF in California, but we’ll be in other markets soon thanks to data provided by www.electricitymap.org. The CEF reports regional electric power system data to send a positive message to consumers that energy is cleaner; allowing program managers and smart home device companies to extend the offer of cleaner energy to their customers seamlessly.

Clean Energy Vs Carbon Emissions

Showing people carbon emissions as a method to discourage energy consumption during peak hours is only half of the solution, and may only be a motivating message to a relatively small number of energy consumers. In markets that have abundant solar and wind power resources, consumers can help reduce waste by using energy when it’s cleanest. Methods include:

  1. Running the dishwasher, washing machine, or clothes dryer
  2. Charging the electric vehicle or other storage device
  3. Pre-cooling and associated load shaving
  4. Running the pool pump

Sabreez is dedicated to providing reliable, accurate, actionable clean energy data to increase consumer engagement. Let our Clean Energy Factor be the motivational message to give your customers what they want; Clean Energy.

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