Using Cleaner Power By the Hour

Clean Energy is Closer Than You Think

With the signing of SB100 by Governor Brown on Monday, California has set the goal of 100% clean energy by 2045. There are a lot of skeptics (and even more supporters), but we’re doing this, and you might as well enjoy it now; 2045 is a long time away. California is already curtailing it’s clean energy production today during certain hours. Most people can take advantage of this natural energy production cycle to use cleaner energy.

California’s leadership on Global Warming is awesome, but more than a decade from now is not fast enough. Californians themselves need to enjoy harvesting cleaner energy through better information delivered in an actionable format.

Don’t Wait Another Day

California’s renewable energy today (September 12, 2018) will range from 20% to 50% of the electric power mix, but it’s a lot cleaner than that. The power mix attributable to fossil fuels dropped to a third of the total demand before lunchtime yesterday. By contrast, two-thirds of the total demand came from fossil-fuel-burning power plants for a few hours after sunset. As we head into Fall, it will get even cleaner, or dirtier, depending on the hour of the day. You can see that California is well on it’s way to meeting it’s goals, but when you use electricity matters, especially as we move transportation to electric power.

Clean energy isn’t just some future goal; you can use it today with the proper information. In January, the State is adopting hourly electric rates that will pass-through the higher costs of operating fossil-fuel burning plants, so if you use cleaner energy, you save money. Choose to take control of your energy and you’ll enjoy using cleaner energy.

The Clean Energy Factor

The Clean Energy Factor describes California’s electric power supply as a single variable. It’s proportional to clean energy production over power coming from fossil fuels.

The Clean Energy Factor is a mathematical expression of the choice you have to use clean energy over power from fossil fuels. California utilities aren’t going to force load management on their customers; the choice is yours.

You can think of there Clean Energy Factor as the opposite of carbon emissions. When the Clean Energy Factor is high, your electric power is cleaner; when it’s low, carbon pollution is high. Enjoy using cleaner energy today. We don’t have decades to solve climate change.