It’s June, and that means it’s renewable energy season!  Both Wind and Solar should be cranking this Summer thanks to California’s investment in clean energy.  We all know global warming is a problem, and that the solution is using more clean energy, but you might not know WHEN energy is clean or dirty.  The Wind Number is a measure of clean energy production in California; higher Wind Numbers mean cleaner energy.  The chart below shows last month’s average Wind Numbers throughout the day, and when they are high, low, or in between.  We’ve highlighted good times to use power, and times when a peaker plant (red) needs to turn on to meet your energy needs.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 12.08.57 PM

Here’s the solution to global warming; Use More Clean Energy- and less fossil fuels.  It’s that easy.  Since the Wind Number is the ratio of clean energy to fossil fuels, the Wind Number is a great tool to help people solve global warming!  If you register now, you’ll get a free box of LEDs to help you start saving.  One box of LEDs can save you $100 per year, so it’s worth the effort.  We’ll also let you know when energy is cleaner each day.  If you call your utility and go on a time of use rate, using clean energy saves money.  Using your new rate with the Wind Number can lower bill by more than 10%.  How cool is that!

The chart above is a great tool for saving money, but there are easy techniques to shift your energy usage to times when energy is cleaner.  Conversely, every time we use power in the late afternoon, it adds to the problem.  Be a part of the solution and register today.  It’s easy to save more than 10% on your bill and it’s free, so why wait.