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Empower your community.

Lower-income members of your community feel shortchanged by the clean energy transition. Our tool provides easy-to-use insights that help people use energy when it is most affordable, so they can take back control of their bills and engage with clean energy on their own terms.

Lower Consumer Bills

We convert complex energy data into a single-number insight that anyone can use to lower their energy bills.

Improve Relationships

Foster trust and transparency with your community, ensuring your organization is perceived as a value-add on their bills.

Your Ally in Sustainable Energy Management

Illuminate the path to cleaner energy.

As a program manager in California, you're an environmentalist and a pragmatist—and you know that the path to community-wide sustainability isn't always straightforward. Sabreez's Clean Energy Factor™ is the tool you need to build a bridge between your organization and the community you serve, helping everyone prioritize cleaner energy.

Sustainably Shape Load

Promote smart energy use by empowering communities to lower their costs with the touch of a button.

Advance Clean Energy

Incentivize your community to embrace sustainability with rewarding solutions that align with your long-term goals.

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Help your community go green without needing fancy gadgets.

Balancing equity and sustainability is a challenge faced by every energy provider. New policies and investments in clean energy infrastructure have shifted costs onto those who can't afford smart technology, straining their finances and relationships with their providers.

For those who don't have tech like smart thermostats to hook up to complex emissions-based algorithms, we created the Clean Energy Factor™: a simple tool that shows when clean energy is cheapest and most abundant.

Predict peak periods and start paying smarter.

Our platform enables you to align your electrification programs with targeted consumer engagement, optimizing energy use when electric power is cleaner. When the Clean Energy Factor™ is highest, procurement costs are lowest. This is how the Clean Energy Factor™ reduces peak demand for the most expensive hours of the week—by putting the consumer first.

For consumers, we make using cheap, clean energy as simple as riding the wind and following the sun.

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Community-friendly clean energy—
it's Sabreez.

Program managers trust our platform to make their job easier.


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What is the Clean Energy Factor™?

The Clean Energy Factor is the sum of the Wind Number and the Solar Boost. The Clean Energy Factor™ is a measure of the relative quantity of renewable energy available on the power grid to consumers.

What is the Solar Boost™?

The Solar Boost™ is calculated in a similar fashion to the Wind Number™, only the constant of 100 is replaced by a different proprietary value determined by Sabreez. Solar Boost™ uses a proprietary math model established by Sabreez through methodical research over the past decade.

Why should I care about the Clean Energy Factor?

The Clean Energy Factor™ (CEF) describes wholesale energy markets in a consumer-friendly manner. Since costs to operate fossil-fuel burning power plants are always increasing, it saves money to use energy when less of those power plants are needed.

Sabreez's CEF can be shown in real time, forecast in advance, and combined with smart-meter data to show a user the CEF associated with their energy consumption for comparison with other people, including gamification of energy consumption across demographic groups.

What is the cost to license Sabreez's APIs?

The cost to license our APIs is dependent on the size of your business and based on a percentage of the business use case for which it is intended. We guarantee that you will have better results with our APIs when compared with competing emissions-reporting platforms, or we will refund the cost of your license fee. That's the Sabreez Guarantee!

What is the Wind Number™?

The proprietary Wind Number™ is defined as electricity from wind power currently being generated for the grid divided by electric-power generated by thermal resources like natural gas and coal . A Wind Number™ of 100 means equal amounts of electricity are coming from wind and thermal resources.

What is the source of our data?

Sabreez processes data from the regional electricity-balancing authority. In the case of California, the California Independent System Operator (CAISO). In the case of Texas, the Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).

Why should I license the Clean Energy Factor for my business?

Sabreez offers the content published on this website for free, subject to our terms and conditions published here. We do charge a license fee to businesses that wish to license our real-time API and forecast API for re-use and distribution.

We encourage program managers and project managers to share our free published content with their network for evaluation purposes prior to entering into a licensing agreement, so please do share!

Who is Sabreez?

Sabreez is an energy insights company founded by Scott Hoppe and John Dannecker. Our vision is to make the adoption of clean energy more appealing, effective, and practical for communities everywhere. Read more about Scott, John and the rest of our team on our About Us page.

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