Actionable Clean Energy Information

Sabreez is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) dedicated to integrating renewable energy with consumer demand. Our Partners are electric power utilities, telecommunications companies, and smart home product and service companies. Central to our Mission is a focus on providing reliable, accurate, and meaningful data all the time, and presenting that data in a format that energy consumers enjoy following. Contact us if you would like to use this data in your consumer-facing program.

Meet the Team

W. Scott Hoppe


Scott is a Geologist, environmental consultant, and the CEO of Sabreez, PBC. Scott reported environmental conditions at hazardous waste sites in California and New England for many years, and developed the Wind Number, Solar Boost, and our patented method of reducing energy costs.

Rob Risque

Technology Consultant

Rob is a software developer focused on data analytics and predicative modeling. Rob has previously built machine learning tools using platforms such as TensorFlow and Keras.

John Dannecker

Technology Consultant

John is a graduate of UC Berkeley and holds two masters degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As a Navy Veteran, John has led a range of military electronic communications projects to ensure secure management of extremely valuable assets and data including fulfilling the role of Chief Engineer responsible for defeating Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices in Iraq.

Ross Malme


Ross is an innovator and utility industry leader in the development of industry standards and regional initiatives that have in large part created U.S. demand response systems. Ross joined Sabreez during our participation in the 2017 Cleantech Open and refined our business model. Ross advises Sabreez on our business and product development, strategic partnerships, and value creation.

Susan Mazur-Stommen-PhD

Consumer Insights & Research Design

Susan is an anthropologist, educator, and Principal at Indicia Consulting. A former program Director at ACEEE, Susan has built a body of academic work focused on behavioral analysis of energy consumption. Susan presented our messaging system at the BECC Conference in October of 2017.

Michael Pirron


Michael is the Founder of Impact Makers, a growing IT consulting company and Virginia’s first Certified B-Corporation. Michael advises Sabreez on building a sustainable business that offers our customers reliable, accurate, and cost effective energy information solutions while meeting their own sustainability goals.