New White Paper Released

Sabreez has just completed our year-long assessment of California’s renewable energy production relative to hourly consumer demand in terms of the Wind Number and Solar Boost. The assessment presents a monthly summary of the Wind Number and Solar Boost for October 2016, January 2017, April 2017, and July 2017. The monthly data show seasonal variations in clean energy production, the best and worst hours of the day to use electric power, and discusses challenges in achieving further reduction of carbon pollution, which is shown to be inversely correlated with the Wind Number and Solar Boost.

Sabreez White Paper August 2017 Final

About Sabreez

Sabreez is a residential demand response company serving the utility industry in California. We propagate a daily consumer-facing clean energy forecast showing energy consumers when their electric power supply is clean or dirty. The clean energy forecast provides actionable data to encourage load shifting on a daily and weekly basis, and informs energy consumers when critical peak pricing events are anticipated to avoid unnecessary energy use during periods of extreme demand. We also show energy consumers how to use cleaner energy to reduce their energy costs either through the existing technology in their home, or through the acquisition of new smart home devices and technology. Please visit our About Us page or Contact Us for more information.